Mixed Content Issue while installing SSL on WordPress site

Mixed Content Issue while installing SSL on WordPress site

You have just moved from HTTP to HTTPS with an SSL certificate and landed with this ‘Mixed Content Issue?’ Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll show you how to properly make your WordPress site fully HTTPS secured.

What is HTTPS, SSL and why do you need it?

Every day we share our highly-secret and personal information (including credit/debit card details) with different websites. In order to protect this data transfer while buying or selling stuff online, a secure connection needs to be created. HTTPS (Secure HTTP) is an encryption method that secures your personal information by end-to-end method, making it harder for hackers to jump in your data. In order to get HTTPS encryption method, an SSL certificate is required which is provided by your hosting company, and they’ll also install it on your server. A fairly simple process! And even some WordPress hosting providers offer free SSL with their plans, including 1and1, GoDaddy etc.

Updating your site to HTTPS via WordPress:

  1. Update your site URL’s by jumping to Settings » General, updating “WordPress and site URL address fields” of your site.
  2. Integrating every page’s content to be compatible with your new HTTPS server is hard, here is a tweak, you can do this easily by installing WordPress HTTPS plugin available for free.


Give your site 24 hours to completely change its images/videos and content’s URL to HTTPS. That’s all folks!

Still finding mixed content message? View page source of the web page (right click on your webpage and click ‘view page source’) showing the particular error. You’ll see the lengthy HTML code, try to find any links still using HTTP in URL address, now change it to HTTPS.

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