Easy Taxi reviving Cab Culture in Pakistan [Interview]

Easy Taxi reviving Cab Culture in Pakistan [Interview]

Ordering a taxi is a hot space around the globe with heavily-financed companies like Uber, but in Pakistan only one or two companies are found to solve this problem, Easy Taxi seems to be a logical solution to revive the cab culture in Pakistan and assure people about its safety and reliability, as it lets you call a car without any hassle with a single touch of a button. Easy Taxi is quickly trying to cover all over Pakistan. No more standing on the streets waving your arms around for a rickshaw!

We caught up with Adam Ghaznavi, Easy Taxi Pakistan’s Venture Leader, to learn more about the move and the company’s overall strategy.

1) Easy Taxi, essentially lets people order taxi online. What inspired you to start Easy Taxi in Pakistan?

The severe lack of reliable public transportation in Pakistan has made traveling a burden for everyone. In such circumstances, Easy Taxi seems to be a logical solution as it lets you call a car without any hassle with a single touch of a button. With the use of the Easy Taxi app, calling a car has now become virtually effortless. No more standing on the streets waving your arms around for a rickshaw. Just download the application on your smartphone and request for your car.

2) How does Easy Taxi work in Pakistan and what are the benefits of using this app? What value does it bring or what problem does it solve?

Easy Taxi benefits both the drivers and passengers by providing in-time and accurate information for both parties. The drivers can pick up the nearest passengers and thus reduce time spent without customers, while the passengers no longer have to wait for transportation and enjoy a safer, convenient ride. The Easy Taxi app automatically detects your location via the cell phone GPS and searches for the nearest driver. The driver accepts your request and the app sends you the car and driver details along with an approximate time of arrival. Our CS team calls our customers to confirm their ride. Other than that, looking at the local requirements, we have also introduced a 24/7 customer care helpline where you can book your car via a single call.

3) What challenges are you currently facing in implementing Easy Taxi in Pakistan?

Easy Taxi, being the only taxi booking app in Pakistan, has no direct competition in the market so it falls on us to generate awareness and create interest in the market for application users. Moreover, the main challenge is to revive the cab culture in Pakistan and assure people about its safety and reliability. Also, as service providers we are highly dependent on our vendors and maintaining strong relations with them is the key to success for our business.

4) What do you envision for Easy Taxi Pakistan in the long run? Who are its main target audience?

Our goal is to completely revolutionize travelling for the masses and that can only be done when Easy Taxi is the most preferred means of travel and requesting Easy Taxi with just a touch becomes second nature for everyone. In Pakistan, Easy Taxi is currently operational in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Mainly, our focus has been on college/university going students and people using public transport for travelling to their offices. These customers were mostly from SEC A and B. However, we have now introduced cheaper affordable rates which are competitive to the rickshaw rates. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of rides and our consumer base has grown to include passengers who took rickshaws and now prefer Easy Taxi.

5) Which cities are up next?

We have recently started operations in Karachi and plan to expand to Faisalabad and Multan next.

6) Where is most growth coming from, geographically speaking, from a user and revenue perspective?

Currently, most of our business is being derived from Lahore. However, with Easy Taxi launch in Karachi, we expect rapid growth in our business from Karachi due to its huge consumer market along with major corporations operating in Karachi which require transportation services for inner city and outer city travel.

7) Can you comment on Pakistan’s emerging market as an integral factor in growing your business?

Greater emphasis on industrialization and technology based solutions are the reason Easy Taxi has been successful in emerging markets around the world. In Pakistan, these factors coupled with the declining public transportation system make an ideal ground for apps like Easy Taxi to expand their business in this region.

8) What’s the ratio between customer orders from mobile versus the Web? What about Android vs. iOS?

About 70% of our customers order Easy Taxi through the helpline as they either do not possess smart phones or they haven’t adapted to the idea of ordering car via the app. We are trying to get more and more people to order via the app, which is the original model, due to its convenience for the customer and for our own operations. Other than that, around 65% of Easy Taxi app downloads are through Android phones.

9) What opportunities do you see in Pakistan? What advice would you give to entrepreneurs in Pakistan?

The last few years have seen an increasing interest in technology based solutions among the Pakistani masses with innovative ideas taking the lead in making lives easier. There are plenty of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start their business in Pakistan and with the right combination of skills, hard work and a little bit of luck they can achieve success in their chosen field. My advice would be remain focused, work hard and stay true to your goal.

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Interviewed by: Abdul Rehman Mian

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